Concept optimization – conventional heat and power plants

An adaptation of the heat and power production is necessary

In Denmark there are many large and small heat and power plants which through minor adaptations can create a great value in the future. Today large adaptations in market and regulatory conditions are being made. Therefore it will be necessary to adjust the plants to achieve a more flexible operation and a greener profile. Such adaptations require sound investments without influencing operational stability, energy efficiency, environmental impacts and plant lifetime.

We offer

Design minor plant adjustments to improve operation flexibility
Assess the consequences of plant adjustments and thus ensure a high efficiency, a high operation flexibility and a long life time
Carry out an overall assessment of the actual plant performance to tailor the exact improvements required
Develop models /calculation programs with the purpose of assessing new plant concepts

This can be done by e.g.

Adjusting a grate fired boiler enabling it to use several fuel types such as bio-fuels. This ensures a reliable operation without any unexpected maintenance costs
Assessing and determining materials for waste-fired boilers in order to reduce maintenance costs
Designing a new control concept enhancing the plant’s possibilities for participation in regulation markets and ancillary services with the purpose of increasing power production earnings.
Developing a model proving that lowering the technical minimum of a heat and power plant does not lead to evaporator instabilities or increase the wear of the heating surfaces

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