Added Values ​​provides specialist advice to the energy industry, which improves the business of our customers. We have two main focus areas: We optimize investments in new plants and the operation of existing plants.

Technology assessment at market level

The overall energy and power system is in the middle of the greatest transition ever – from central fossil fuel based production to decentral renewable production.

Concept optimization – conventional heat and power plants

In Denmark there are many large and small heat and power plants which through minor adaptations can create a great value in the future.

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Concept optimisation – integrated power and bio production

Since the production of wind power in Denmark is increasing, the need to supply district heat and power as two separate products is growing.

Operation optimisation

The competition within energy production is increasing – both pure heat production, pure power production, and combined heat and power production.

Optimisation tools

Experience shows that investments related to calculation of plant efficiency and visualization of performance indicators for operators are returned in very short time.

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Employees with Added Values all possess high engineering degrees from Danish universities, each with more than 15 years of world-class national and international experience from the energy sector and research-intensive companies.

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