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Mathias Holm Tøttrup

3. July 2018

Why, vision or driving force

Hello, my name is AddedValues and I have been very unsure on why I am who I am and what I am supposed to write about myself – Now that I have a desire to send my CV to you.


The first question “Do I have to write something about myself?”

The question almost always touches me when I have to write something on my LinkedIn profile or my blog, do I have to write something about myself. But in this inner dialogue I always come to the same flat answer “It would be extremely strange if I wrote about someone else”.


For my personality, values and hobbies are interesting to potential employers, collaborators and customers – or what?





A little about myself: I am a medium sized specialist company that perform contract research, development work and counselling in collaboration with universities and affiliates. In addition, I enjoy having a good conversation over the phone with my customers, in order to maintain good cooperation. If this should not be enough, I´d like to jump on an airplane to meet you at your home where, as a little extra bonus info, I can tell that I have been in England five to six times in the last month and a half, just for the sake of a couple of customers – because the customer always comes first.


My mission, is that I along with my customers in the energy and process industry will create increased value in the daily production of the customers. All the tasks that I solve with the customers are characterized by the combination of research, development and software products. Most tasks will contain several of these elements at the same time to ensure the development of the knowledge that provides maximum value creation for my customers.


What is my “why”? I have heard from many that a clear “why” can make you more attractive and different, to which I have been able to see that many describe their skills, but very few what drives them. Therefore, will I now try to describe my “why”, which means my dream, vision and driving force, which gives me a smile every day.

  • Why do I do what I do: I do what I do because I enjoy seeing myself grow both figuratively and literally, and I’m burning to create a good workplace where everyone thrives and meets at work every day with a smile, just like myself.
  • How do I do what I do: I have over 100 years of experience in my field, and it is the basis for delivering high-tech solutions where I combine the subject areas:
    • Material technology
    • Process control
    • Process optimization
    • Thermo dynamics
    • Energy technology
    • Fluid dynamics
    • Strategic planning
  • What am I and what do I do: I am a consulting company that makes a virtue of delivering quality work.

What makes me as a company unique: “I’m happy, loyal and energetic” a bit like a golden retriever. But I am much more than that; I also consist of a multitude of engineers who work hard and in pure silence, four owners who can work with an open and a closed door, a female director who can often shout a little too loud (but only in the good way) and look like a broom that sway in the wind and finally a study assistant, with a little too curly brain.


If this is something you would like to work with, would I happily have a non-binding conversation with you.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Sincerely AddedValues.


I can be contacted:

Tlf: +45 2447 9590



Published: 2018/03/07

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