Operation optimisation

Continuous optimisation and early problem solving are vital earning factors

The competition within energy production is increasing – both pure heat production, pure power production, and combined heat and power production. In addition, the focus on the prices of fuels such as straw and waste is increasing. To the daily operation this means that quick responses to even minor performance reductions are important. Besides this, efficient preventive measures and a quick solving of outages will be extremely important because this will reduce maintenance costs and increase operational availability.

We offer to

Calculate plant efficiency including part processes and calculation of possible evolving degradations
Make life time assessments of high-temperature components
Identify outage causes and provide solutions
Assess the consequences of fuel variations and of new fuel types
Develop tools supporting daily operation and market pricing

This can be done by e.g.

Measuring, analysing and reducing corrosion in wind turbine foundation to ensure the long term durabilty
Assessing the performance of a heat and power plant with the purpose of prioritising options for plant improvement; based on estimated investments and market potential
Assessing if replacement of high-temperature components is required in connection with life time extension of heat and power plants
Optimising main boiler control loops to ensure that it is possible to change fuel types fluently without loss of plant reliability and efficiency
Examining why operational time of vacuum pump has increased, with the purpose of solving the problem or identifying the reason for a possible component degradation
Analysing and understanding break down mechanisms in wind turbine drive trains

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