Concept optimisation – integrated power and bio production

Conventional heat and power production is combined with new types of plant components

Since the production of wind power in Denmark is increasing, the need to supply district heat and power as two separate products is growing. At the same time the political awareness on using biomass even more efficiently than today is rising. Both factors are important when plant owners consider new process plant combinations. For instance with the purpose of optimizing the supply of energy products at the right time and of utilizing synergies within bio-fuel production. This means that there is a great demand for new process concepts in which existing plants are used and in which the overall concept is optimized in terms of investments, fuel efficiency, flexibility, and life time.

We offer

Carry out feasibility studies of solutions to ensure a sound decision making for plant owners
Perform site specific concept analyses to achieve low costs and strong operational properties
Design and optimise control concepts to benefit most rewardingly of the plant investments.
Optimise the choice of material in connection with new process types to achieve best possible lifetime

This can be done by e.g.

Identifying various concepts of a biomass fired heat and power plant with the purpose of utilising flue gas condensation to increase the production of district heat
Analysing an integrated concept involving heat and power plants, biogas plants, bio-ethanol plants, and heat pumps with the purpose of optimising efficiency and operational stability during load changes or error incidents
Developing model-based performance tools for monitoring daily operation in order to continuously ensure lowest possible operational costs and highest possible marked profit
Developing master control concept for integrated production plants to obtain high reliability and high load changing rate of heat, power and bio-ethanol

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