Technology assessment at market level



Technology assessment at market level

The energy system is in a transition

The overall energy and power system is in the middle of the greatest transition ever – from central fossil fuel based production to decentral renewable production. Denmark is a pioneer in this transition, and other countries are highly inspired by our experiences.

In Denmark the political objectives are ambitious: By 2020 half of the energy consumption is to be covered by renewable energy, and by 2050 fossil fuel based production is to be fully phased out.

We offer to

  • Assess the port folio of possible technical solutions enabling plant owners to make the right investment decisions
  • Analyse the market potential for a specific plant concept to create the best business case
  • Provide an overview of the adaptability and maturity of various technologies with the purpose of making an business roadmap
  • Identify cost-efficient solutions in connection with changing market conditions
  • Analyse the suitability of technologies in a future energy system to optimise public investments

This can be done by e.g.

  • Comparing various concept options such as heat and power production combined with large accumulator tanks or heat pumps. This enables a plant owner to increase the flexibility between power production and heat production,
  • Identifying and determining technical assumptions in connection with system analyses to ensure consistent and realistic calculations for subsequent strategic decisions.
  • Developing tools capable of predicting the consequences of various technology investments in order to assess the investment risks and ensure continuous earnings.