Optimisation tools


Optimisation tools

Continuous performance monitoring leads to responsiveness

Experience shows that investments related to calculation of plant efficiency and visualization of performance indicators for operators are returned in very short time – partly because models efficiently reveal a reduced performance and partly because the presence of the tool increases the awareness.

There is still a huge unutilised potential for such performance monitoring in conventional power plants, wind turbines and integrated plants. Furthermore, the changing power markets demand new ways to predict and assess the consequences of increasing the operational flexibility.

We offer

  • Model-based tools which provide the operator with continuous update on plant performance
  • Model-based tools which calculate marginal costs for load planning
  • Model-based tools which calculate maintenance costs during special market conditions
  • Optimisation algorithms which ensure quick and correct calculation of operational set-up

This can be done by e.g.

  • Developing tools for continuous calculation of marginal costs for biomass-fired heat and power plants with varying fuel types, with the purpose of optimising bids to the power market
  • Developing tools to calculate the available market operation flexibility, with the purpose of maximizing earnings on intra-day and regulation markets
  • Developing tools to calculate life time consumption on high-temperature components, with the purpose of increasing focus on life time consequences of volatile production