About us


Added Values is a Danish company delivering consultancy, research, development and software within energy.
It is our mission in close cooperation with our customers within energy production and the process industry to create added value to the daily energy production through changes in systems and plants.
All our customer solutions are based on the interaction between research, development, consultancy and software products. To ensure an ongoing development of the knowledge providing the best possible added value to the customers, solutions often involve most elements.

Research – close relationship to research institutions

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Added Values has close relationships with state-of-the-art engineering and research institutions within energy systems, materials and process control at two Danish universities, Danish Technical University and Aalborg University. Two of Added Values’ owners are affiliated professors at these universities, and all employees are Masters of Science and/or hold a PhD degree.

Development – technological pilot projects


We develop, produce and sell innovative and high-technology solutions by involving areas such as: Material technology, Process control, Process optimization, Thermo dynamics, Energy technology, and Fluid dynamics

Consultancy – experienced experts


Based on more than 20 years of international energy experience each, all partners provide highly specialized consultancy services such as analyses and assessments of energy production and operation.

Software – automatic systems


We have many years of experience within the development of software tools for automated optimization of the current energy production, for modeling and usage of mathematical algorithms.