The Danish Energy Agency grants 5 million DKK to Added Values for enhanced operational flexibility in the energy system

EUDP (an Energy Technological Development and Demonstration Program under the Danish Energy Agency) has granted 5 million Danish Kroner for a project aiming at developing and demonstrating a new software tool that will give existing heat and power producers enhanced market flexibility. Added Values is project manager and will subsequently market the tool.

Together with our project partners, Sønderborg Fjernvarme, EMD and Aalborg University, we are very proud of having been granted the EUDP funds. The purpose of the project is to accelerate the development of tools capable of closing the gap between market needs and the unutilized potential in existing plants. Added Values is a newly founded company but we possess a long and in-depth experience within the energy sector, and with our partners we form a very strong and efficient team.

The tool, called FlexIQ, will be based on a detailed understanding of the operation of thermal energy production and market needs. Through advanced models, the tool is to support plant operation to achieve enhanced flexibility while at the same time ensuring high fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs.

We are positive that the tool will bring added value to both plant owners and the Danish society at large. Furthermore, we are convinced that FlexIQ possesses a significant export potential, as other countries also pursue a strategy of introducing more renewable energy such as wind and solar power.

Udgivet: 2013/07/01

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